What Goes Into A Floral Design

What Goes Into A Floral Design

One of the top details of any wedding is the flowers, and floral designs happen to be one of those aspects of a wedding that evolve tremendously.

In the last few years, brides have strayed from "in-season" and matching flowers and have rather, chosen exotic blooms with non-traditional pairings that seemingly go together quite well.

Your wedding day flowers are representative of the love you share with your soon-to-be spouse as well as your style, personal tastes, and wedding attire. Now more than ever, your floral options are endless and as grand scale or as simple as you wish.

Knowing how a floral arrangement is put together and what needs to be considered, help to make the decision of what flowers to choose from much easier.

The time of year: this does not mean that because you're getting married in October you need to have orange flowers. Floral designers want brides to understand that they can choose any variety of floral colors they want, but not all blooms will withstand particular seasonal climates.

How the floral budget should be distributed: you will need flowers for the entire wedding party, the ceremony, and the reception. To the couple, which portion of the wedding day needs to have the most and most extravagant of flowers?

How is the cost of floral arrangements determined: the cost of flowers and materials first, then the labor and design, and finally the day of event work including set-up and delivery.

Educate yourself on the flowers you choose: believe it or not, even some of the most beautiful of flowers can disperse an unpleasant odor. Work together with your florist to obtain all of the necessary information on the flowers you like.

Most importantly, choose a floral arrangement that you love. No one else will appreciate your flowers as much as you will. Don't be afraid to try a completely new and non-traditional floral design as well. Work closely with your floral designer as they have the experience to make your wedding day floral visions come true.

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