Creating A Functional Wedding Reception Floor Plan

It is very important to carefully plan out not only your wedding reception seating, but where any food tables will go, how far will the bar be from the guests, and where will the dance floor be placed. You want your wedding night to go as smoothly as possible and that is very possible when you have the right floor plan.

In years past, brides would get together with their closest family members or best friend, and with paper and pencil in hand, they would draw out the seating arrangement, erasing and re-writing the names at each table. This was a daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating task.

However in 2015, modern technology has given brides a multitude of technological platforms to use when configuring a wedding reception floor plan.

Creating A Functional Wedding Reception Floor Plan

• You can find various examples of floor plans on Pinterest. These models will give you a general idea of how you want the reception site to look.
• Another great source for reception floor planning is Sketchup. This is a virtual platform where you get to create the seating and physically manipulate the tables.
• Lastly, Wedding Wire has an easy-to-use and step by step process for designing your floor plan.

Much of wedding reception floor planning is based on convenience and trends. A lot of brides will situate their reception following a new idea that’s become popular or what they witnessed at a previous wedding they attended.

Some floor plan trends include:

• A sweetheart table for just the bride and groom that is placed at the center of the guests tables. Sweetheart tables allow the bride and groom to have their privacy as it is much more intimate.
• For the smaller reception, rather than scattering tables around the room you can arrange guest tables in a circular pattern or in a cross pattern (the longest being vertical and the two shorter horizontal) that surround the bridal party.

Other areas to consider, table shape and layout, who will sit with whom, and how creative you wish to be. Working with a wedding planner can certainly cut back on the stress of creating a well-designed floor plan. When you work with Kevin Lee Productions, you will always be given the very best every step in the wedding planning process. Contact us for more information today!